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What is the International Business Structuring Association?

The International Business Structuring Association (IBSA) is the worldwide community for practitioners dealing with international business structuring and regulatory compliance. The IBSA supports companies and advisors in obtaining information and advice worldwide to create and maintain sustainable business structures compliant with international transparency, corporate governance and social responsibility.


The International Business Structuring Association (IBSA) organises and runs multiple events and local meetings for its members across the globe, connecting diverse professionals involved in all aspects of business structuring. It provides members with a community and platform to build and cement strong professional reputations and relationships both across borders and within jurisdictions as well as providing an integrated knowledge base enabling members to connect with fellow professionals with specific areas of expertise worldwide.


  • To create an international organisation with branches throughout the world dedicated to advancing the practice of international business structuring across multiple disciplines.
  • To professionalise the practice of international business structuring.
  • To create a community where professionals at all levels learn from each other and have access to worldwide knowledge and contacts opening up professional and commercial opportunities for all.
  • To promote the practice of international business structuring as transparent, effective and professional without the aggressive tax connotations currently perceived by the public.


“The pace of globalisation particularly at the entrepreneurial and medium sized enterprise level, coupled with the growth of the BRIC economies and emerging markets has led to massive growth in the number of companies trading and operating in multiple jurisdictions.

Running businesses in a cross border environment has never been easy but the international regulatory environment is now undergoing greater changes than ever before. Governments around the world pushed by the competing voices of public opinion, austerity, revenue retention and the need to grow their economies are both tightening regulations and cross border reporting whilst legislating incentives and treaties designed to attract and stimulate business in their own jurisdictions at an increasing pace.

Structuring companies to thrive and endure in this new international environment now requires a large breadth of disciplines and specific local knowledge with advisors increasingly needing to work in concert with groups of trusted fellow professionals worldwide

The International Business Structuring Association has been founded to provide a vehicle for this community of international advisors and their clients to access and exchange knowledge, develop new and deeper professional relationships and discover new business opportunities - I do hope that you will join me on this exciting journey.”

-        Roy Saunders, Chairman and Founder