The Polycon journey, used to illustrate the issues involved in structuring the development of international companies, highlights the obstacles and problems when helping companies develop their business internationally.

The Polycon journey analyses the transformation of Polycon Lens Company into the Eyemax Group, over a generation of 25 years. The business started with a fictitious inventor–entrepreneur, Stephen Holmes, developing the first progressive power acrylic lenses for spectacles and manufacturing them for wholesalers prior to selling them as white label designer glasses. The business progressed into the research and subsequent manufacture and sale of high quality optical lenses for telescopes, then to lenses for digital cameras and subsequently for mobile phones. Polycon Lens Company was rebranded as the Eyemax Group. As Eyemax, it eventually harnessed Stephen’s creative brain to develop the solar lens bowl for capturing solar energy and converting it to electricity in a joint venture with a utility company.

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